car rental Kyiv

Terms & conditions

1.Insuarance deposit.

The insurance deposit is obligatory and depends on model of the rented car. The insurance deposit is given in the moment of signing of the rental agreement and comes back to the renter, if all conditions were kept with in the contract, during the moment of car returning to lessor. If the renter pays with a credit card, the definite deposit for the giving car is blocked on the client's card.

2.Documents which is necessary for renting.

The renter has to produce following documents: the driving license must be valid in Ukraine, passport.

3.Terms of rental agreement.

The minimal rental period is 24 hours. If the car was rented for long term (more than one month), the renter have to show (every moth) the car to our technical manager for inspection.

4.Responsibility of the renter/conditions of the insurance.

The renter is responsible according to the insurance contract. The contract concluded between lessor and the renter contains the information on the additional responsibility of the renter. All our vehicles have insurance(collision damage waiver; theft protection; personal accident protection) full Kasco and third party liability insurance.

5.Car delivering/picking up process.

We provide free vehicle delivery/pick up including both Kiev airports.


All our cars rent out with full tank of gasoline, which is not included to the rental price. Type of fuel: 95 ONLY!!!


If a daily rental period is exceeded by more than 1 hour, another full day will be charged. In case of loss documents, keys of the rented car must be paid 300$ (for the registration of the vehicle) and 300$( for the keys). If a car is returned with less than a full tank the customer will be charged for refueling service of 1 $ per liter.


Payment for car rental is taken on day of signing the rental agreement. We accept cash, credit cards and possible cashless settlement.

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